Making A List – And Charging It Twice

The Naughty & Nice of Electric Vehicle Concerns

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity across the United States and an estimated one out of four vehicles sold in the U.S. will be electric by 2026. Here in Florida, we are the second largest state in the nation for EV registrations – and counting.

With the holidays in full swing, you may be considering upgrading their ride to an electric one.

With so many misconceptions about EVs, from their range, to cost and more, here’s what’s made it to our naughty & nice list.

Multiple EV Charging Stations in a parking lot

The Naughty List

Range anxiety

Range anxiety is very real and often the leading reason for drivers’ hesitation to make the switch to electric. Here’s the good news: the average American adult drives up to 37 miles per day and many EV batteries range well over 200 miles, with many exceeding 300 miles.

FPL EVolution® is also helping put range anxiety worries at ease, with EV charging options at home, at work and on the go. FPL Evolution® offers public charging at hundreds of locations throughout the state, with dozens of fast charging stations in place, and many more on the way.

With more than 80% of charging occurring at home, FPL EVolution Home also gives customers a convenient and affordable way to charge their EVs right in their own garage – so they are powered up and ready to go the next morning.

The EV Expressway is another great resource to help EV drivers map out their travels. This online tool provides several itineraries across some of Florida’s best tourist attractions, all while mapping you the most convenient FPL EVolution public chargers along the way. Plus, you can plug in your own unique destination and the site will point you to the most convenient charging stations along your route.

Too costly

While it’s true some EVs can carry a large sticker price, there are many new models coming onto the market with a variety of different price points.

With EVs ranging in price from $30,000 to over $100,000, drivers can explore what may work best for their needs and budget, and they can enjoy long-term savings with lower maintenance fees than a gas-powered car including no oil changes or larger repairs. Plus, you may be eligible for government tax incentives and rebates, which can help offset the cost of the vehicle even more.

The biggest benefit? Powering up an EV is about half the cost of filling up with gas, which can make a big difference for your pocket.

The charging infrastructure isn’t ready yet

There are some who worry about the availability and accessibility of charging stations. Worry not! We launched FPL EVolution in 2019 to create a holistic network of charging solutions for EV drivers across the state. In the last four years, we’ve installed thousands of charging points at homes, workplaces, public areas, and major highways to make charging convenient for EV drivers.

With FPL’s public fast charging network, drivers can power up approximately every 25 to 50 miles along highways such as Florida’s Turnpike, I-95 and other major highways. Our FPL EVolution mobile app also let’s drivers find and navigate to the closest FPL EVolution charging station, check port availability, charging history and trends, and discover nearby amenities.

Map of FPL EVolution® Public fast charging sites in operation and under construction
Map of FPL EVolution® Public fast charging sites in operation and under construction

EVs are more dangerous than gas vehicles

EVs are just as safe as gas-powered vehicles, and many modern EVs include built-in safety features that protect the battery packs in the event of a collision or other accident. A recent study that compiled data from three different government agencies showed that for every 100,000 cars sold, EVs accounted for only 25 fires – compared to over 1,500 for gas-powered cars, and nearly 2,500 for hybrids, whose batteries are powered by gasoline¹.

Of course, drivers should follow manufacturer safety guidelines and use quality charging equipment to minimize any potential safety hazards.

The Nice List


One of the biggest benefits of driving an EV is you can charge your vehicle right from the comfort of your own home. With 80% of EV charging happening at home according to the U.S. Department of Energy, FPL EVolution Home offers customers a convenient and affordable way to charge their EVs right in their own garage – so they are powered up and ready to go the next morning.

We will install and maintain charging equipment for our customers with no upfront cost and provide them with unlimited off-peak charging on weeknights and weekends – all for a low monthly rate of $38 a month.

The program is also weaved into our FPL EVolution app, giving customers 24/7 access to monitor charging status, charging history and to adjust their charging schedules.


EVs do not use gasoline and help reduce carbon emissions, improving air quality, and ensuring Florida remains a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family.

Drivers who plug in to our grid are also receiving their EVs charge from clean, low-cost energy sources, including solar energy, which FPL continues to expand across the state.

Shop till you top

Charging an EV at home is easy – but so is charging on the go.

While charging times can vary widely by manufacturer, on average it takes about 30 minutes to charge most EV batteries using an FPL EVolution public fast-charger, many of which can be found at service plazas and near shops.

In fact, about 9 out of 10 EV drivers make a purchase nearby while their car is charging, which is just enough time to pick up a cup of your favorite seasonal coffee or treat – or to finish off that holiday shopping list.

Plan your holiday travels on FPL’s EV Expressway!

The FPL EV Expressway can help make your holiday road trips a breeze!

This platform helps eliminate range anxiety for long distance EV drivers as you can plug in any address across our service area, and it will route you to your destination while mapping out the nearest FPL Evolution public chargers along the way.

We aim to eliminate the range anxiety often associated with EV ownership by offering fast-charging stations strategically located along major highways and travel corridors. With the EV Expressway, electric vehicle drivers can confidently embark on long trips, knowing that a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is readily available to keep their journeys smooth and uninterrupted.

EV Mustang at a charging station with reindeer antlers and a red ball "nose" on the hood

Download the FPL EVolution app and start charging!

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